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Do you think that top athletes and celebrities drink any kind of water? Well, we know that they drink a certain type of water that is considered the best water around. Now, this hydrogen water is made by a special machine, not from springs, taps, and wells. Yes, there is a machine that produces the cleanest quality of water. So we will be discussing why these top celebrities and athletes all over the world have opted to drink this special water instead of sticking to their bottled water or tap water. In addition, we will be discussing some of the properties one should look out for in quality water. We will be discussing all these and more in this blog.

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In the introduction, we talked about the qualities of good water everyone should watch out for, right? Now, the question is, what are those qualities?

Hydrogen water good qualities:

Drinking Hydrogen WaterOxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP)

As the name implies, it is the potential to reduce oxidation. But first, what is oxidation? Oxidation is simply the presence of oxygen that causes deterioration. So when we take in foods or drinks that are anti-oxygen, it gives the body the ability to reduce oxygen, inflammation and slow down aging. Vitamin C has an OPR of -100, green tea -200, cod liver oil -300, but Hydrogen water by default stands at -400, and it can even go as high as -800. Other types of water have higher values of ORP, making us age faster and suffer inflammation.

pH chart

Normally, every form of healing starts from within the body, no matter how you see it. You might see the body wound seemingly clotting from the outside, but one thing is certain; it starts from within. Another thing you need to note is that with more alkaline in the body, wounds heal faster and better. If the inside of your body is acidic, a lot of health problems occur. You become tired, fatigued, suffer low energy, etc.


Diseases and illnesses hardly survive in alkaline bodies, so your body needs to be alkaline for you to stay healthy. Fruits and veggies can be classified as alkaline, but the rest of the foods we eat are acidic. Tap water may seem alkaline, but it is the additions of chlorine and fluoride that make it alkaline. No matter how acidic you are, with a hydrogen water with alkaline pH reading, you can remain alkaline, helping you heal faster and better.

You need to stay away from soda generally as it contains a very high level of acidity, which is not good for your health at all. With high levels of acid in the body, healing will tend to be slower, and nobody wants that. 


Have you ever noticed how bloated you feel when you take a big glass of water? Yeah, your stomach feels like it is housing an ocean. Well, you would have that feeling when you drink regular water because it is regularly clustered. Hydrogen water is micro-clustered, meaning that its molecules are so small, it can help to hydrate you better even if you take small quantities of it. With this form of hydration, you do not need to gulp down a whole glass or jug of water just to feel or be hydrated. With micro-clustering, it is always possible to take smaller quantities of water and feel more hydrated at the same time.

Let us discuss the hydrating properties of hydrogen water using green tea as an example. We make green tea by adding the tea bag into a cup of hot water, right? When you add the green tea to a cup of ordinary hot water, the green tea bag takes some time to become green tea. However, with hydrogen water, the green tea bag becomes green tea almost immediately.

How about the 11.5 strong hydrogen water? When we want to wash regular cherry tomatoes, how do we do it? We just add regular water to the tomatoes and wash, right? It is the same with hydrogen water, but there is a difference. We can put the cherry tomatoes in the two types of water and let them sit for a while. The result is really different because the 11.5 hydrogen strong water removes the oil-based pesticides that are usually found on the tomatoes, making sure that the tomatoes are healthier for consumption.

Do you know that the 11.5 strong hydrogen water can emulsify fat by breaking it down into smaller molecules almost immediately? So with hydrogen 11.5 strong water, we can lose weight, reduce cholesterol, and detox the body.

In conclusion, you can see that hydrogen water is safer and healthier for you. It is no wonder many celebrities around the world opt for hydrogen water. So we are urging you to always make the right choice in the type of things you ingest, especially the type of water you want to drink. We really recommend Hydrogen water for you. Not only are you guaranteed better health, but you can also make passive income from the machine. Please, indicate interest in the comment box below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Stay hydrated! We drink ionised water.

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