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Welcome to the healthy side of the Internet!

Welcome to Healthy Lifeside – a health and wellness blog, ran by a dynamic mother and daughter duo! We’re Antoaneta and Dayana – Bulgarian born and raised health and wellness enthusiasts. We’re also business leaders, heads of our respective companies and fervent believers in a greened future for our world! We’ve come a long way since first arriving in London all those years ago, and the journey was well worth it! We’ve learned a lot – both about ourselves and about the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Why green living

Being the head of a London cleaning company means learning the ins and outs of the entire cleaning process – research the methodologies and looking into the various cleaning solutions, used within the field. Reading up on the dangerous side-effects of most detergents sparked Antoaneta’s interest and she began researching different approaches to commercial cleaning. There simply had to be a way to get good results without putting the employees or clients in danger of chemical exposure. Eventually, one thing led to another, and she realized she was no longer interested in the subject merely from a professional standpoint. It was no longer just about efficiency and work ethics. She had discovered her passion. She began looking for ways to not only stay safe but also protect the environment and those close to her.

But it’s not just about eco-friendliness

There’s also the stress. As you can most certainly imagine, the life of a business leader is anything but calm and relaxing. There’s always something that needs taking care of, conferences that need attending and deals that need making. Over time, the stress piles up, and, if not taken care of, it can be absolutely devastating to the mind and body. Stress can kill your motivation, diminish your energy, make you lose sleep and lead to a variety of dangerous health problems.

Invest in yourself

If you want to be happy, you need to invest in yourself in order to be happy, you need to take care of yourself. You need to put in time, effort and energy in researching and trying out new things, adding new approaches to your routine and learning new skills.

A healthy life is a happy life!

We’ve decided to start this blog to aid everyone looking to turn over a greener leaf in their life. We’ll be sharing with you tips, tricks and ideas about how to:

  • Improve your diet – if you want to be healthy, know what, when and how to eat is essential!
  • Limit your exposure to dangerous chemicals –home cleaning tips, office wellness tutorials and even baby care advice
  • Getting some exercise – contrary to what some might think, the gym isn’t the only option (unless you’re aiming to become a competitive athlete or bodybuilder, that is).
  • Loose or gain weight – depending on your lifestyle, gaining weight can be much more difficult than losing it!
  • Take care of your pets – taking proper care of your four-legged friends can pose quite the challenge.

Remember – Living better is not a one-and-done deal

Changing your life for the better is not something that happens overnight. It’s a gradual process and one that can’t be rushed. It will take time and effort, and it won’t be easy. But we’ll be right there with you, offering tips and advice on every step of the way!

Where to find us

If, at any point in time, you find that you’re having difficulties understanding some of our posts, would like to ask us some questions, or just want to get in touch and say “Hi!”, you can always drop us an email at: Even though we’re both quite busy, we promise that we’ll do our best to promptly get back to you with advice! We also strive to maintain an active social presence (even though we’re not exactly in love with social media) on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The majority of our time is spent on YouTube where you can find our videos, but you can also connect with us on Facebook and Instagram. We’ve also got a weekly newsletter, which you can sign up for using the form bellow.

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