You Can't Reheat Some Foods Under Any Circumstances

You Can’t Reheat Some Foods Under Any Circumstances

Hello everyone, and welcome back to our channel! In this blog, we’ll show you seven foods that you should avoid reheating. Because sometimes eating a cold dish is preferable over food poisoning. What are these foods? Keep reading and find out!

Some of your friends are dropping by short notice? Don’t have time to prepare anything new, so you’ve decided to reheat something from your fridge? Here’s a list of foods that you should never reheat, under any circumstances… If you want to remain friends that is.

When reheated, some foods can be terrible for you and cause nasty side-effects, ranging from upset stomach and constipation to food poisoning and diarrhoea!

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7. Mushrooms

Whether we’re talking soups or stir-fried dishes, you should remember that reheating mushrooms is a big no-no! Their appearance might not change all that much, but, after exposure to microwaves, their composition and nutritional values will be altered entirely! This can easily upset your stomach and cause digestive problems.

6. Eggs

Eggs are great for your health. They’re packed with protein, and they’re delicious – what’s not to like! But, after reheating their nutritional composition changes. This can wreak havoc on your digestive system. Even worse – hard boiled eggs can turn toxic when exposed to a microwave’s temperatures! But don’t start throwing away your leftover soups and sauces just yet. If eggs are merely an ingredient of the dish, microwaving it won’t necessarily make it toxic.

5. RiceRice

How harmful can a bowl of leftover rice be, you might ask? Well, that depends on how much you enjoy vomiting and diarrhoea. This is especially dangerous if your rice wasn’t washed before cooking, as it can contain bacterial spores. Even if adequately cooked, boiling water won’t be enough to kill the bacteria, and it will just keep multiplying. The longer it has sat at room temperature after cooking, the higher the chance of this happening.

4. Breast Milk and Baby Formulae

While you can sometimes reheat regular milk, breast milk and baby formulae should never be put in the microwave! The uneven distribution of heat can cause hotspots in the milk, burning your baby! Additionally, carcinogens can rear their ugly heads if you make the mistake of reheating in a plastic bottle. You should never expose your baby to this kind of risk!

3. Chicken and processed meat


Just like with mushrooms, reheating chicken can change its proteins, making you very sick in the process. If you do decide to reheat your chicken meals, it’s best to set your microwave to lower temperatures to preserve as much of its nutritional value as possible.

Processed meats also don’t take kindly to reheating. Exposing the preservatives and chemicals in processed meat to microwaves can create oxidised cholesterol, which is exceedingly dangerous for your body. Better safe than sorry!

2. Potatoes

Just like rice, microwaved potatoes can also turn toxic! If you place cooked potatoes directly in the fridge right after cooking them, it’s probably safe to reheat them. However, if you were to let them sit at room temperature for a while after they’re prepared, they’re likely to develop a rare bacteria, known as botulism, which is quite bad for you.

1. Celery, Spinach and Beets

All these 3 foods have a high nitrate concentration. Nitrates can turn into carcinogenic nitrates when reheated in a microwave. They prevent your blood’s haemoglobin from carrying necessary oxygen throughout your body, causing severe problems.

BeetsPlease note – While these nitrates are pretty bad for adults, they’re incredibly bad for infants at the age of 0 to 6 months. If they do ingest food with nitrates, they’re likely to develop the so-called “blue baby syndrome”, which can be fatal!!!

Here’s a short list of other things that you should never microwave:

  •       Anything with a sharp tip – even harmless toothpicks can spark a fire
  •       Metals – Foil, metal dishes and silverware are a no-no
  •       Plastic items – dishes, bowls, bottles and so on

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