What Does Dr Hiromi Shinya Say About Kangen Water

What does Dr Hiromi Shinya say about Kangen water?

Water is an important part of the human body. A good percentage of activities carried out by our body need the presence of water to facilitate a smooth process. When we begin to lack water, several illnesses start to occur. Water, unlike any other drink we take, is built especially for the body this is why no one can go three days without water.

Hello and welcome to our channel Healthy lIfe side, I will be bringing you a topic that I believe helps back up the science behind the beauty of the Kangen water. The Microbe Factor book, written by a great scientist and advocate of the Kangen water is one book I recommend to everyone (link to the book at the bottom of this blog). If you would wish to know more about the Kangen water, you can read my blog post ‘all about the Kangen water‘. Everything you need to know is covered in that post.

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The Microbe factor

The Microbe FactorA while ago, I came across the Microbe Factor, written by Hiromi Shinya, MD. He is a retired chief of surgical endoscopy, Beth Israel Medical centre, and also a retired professor of surgery, Albert Einstein College of Medicine. In his book, Hiromi explained the value of water, the importance of drinking water and the importance of drinking the right water. While talking about drinking the right water, he spoke on the Kangen water and the backstory that created it.

Going back years ago he spoke of how several scientists, doctors, engineers, and other professionals and environmentalists who were worried about better water supply in Japan came together. This meet-up which included himself brought about various studies, and technologies. One such technology was the Kangen water machine. He goes on to explain that the Kangen water machine is the best purifier to give you the right water for your daily use. Let’s go in-depth to learn what he has to say about water and the Kangen water.

The importance of water

Hiromi says that water is an essential part of every human. The human cell is composed of 80% water; this is why a shortage of water in the body can lead to many health issues. He goes on to explain that a lot of people don’t drink enough water. We tend to wait until we are thirsty to drink water, but this is wrong. The point at which you feel thirst is the critical point, and at that stage, you need greater than a cup of water to fill up the body. Yet this is not so for many people; when they are thirsty, they end up drinking just a bit of water which leaves the body with no option but to manage the available water.

Most physical illnesses and many internal illnesses have a trace or a root in the amount of water you consume. He goes on to say that irrespective of how much nutrients and supplements you take in other forms, nothing can be as important or effective as drinking regular water. According to his teaching every day, the average human will lose about 2.5 litres of water. This is a lot to lose, but this is necessary for cleansing and the overall proper functioning of the human body.

The right water to consume

Drinking water is one thing: drinking the right water is a different topic. Hiromi explains that tap water around the world is infected with chlorine and other substances like trihalomethanes, fertilizers, pesticides, pollutants, and other wastewater treatments.  Of course, tap water is usually sterilized according to the government setting, yet there are so many substances that are left within the water.

These substances all have negative effects on the human body, and when regularly consumed, can lead to several medical cases. This is why Hiromi said that as a doctor, he only sticks to alkaline water purified by the Kangen machine. He says this because the Kangen technology provides alkaline water which the body needs.

Bottled water and the Kangen water machine

Many people around the world today make use of bottled water for a safe drinking option. Yet this option is not a wise one. According to reports, bottled water in itself is not completely safe from substances. Also, water is a soluble element; when placed in these bottles, they absorb the components in them, thereby contaminating the water. In the end, Kangen water provides a lot of health benefits and then does so by purifying the everyday tap water and making them safe for use

Kangen Water Vs Bottled Water

How much Kangen water do you need to consume

For a healthy life, it takes a lot of Kangen water consumed daily to achieve alkalinity within your body. Hiromi says that the average human loses about 2.5 litres of water which is about 10 to 12 cups of water. He goes on to expound that a good number of this water goes off in the urine, sweat, and tears. Now all of these forms of water removal do so by the level of cleansing and maintenance within the body. Yet they also rid the body of a lot of water.

The process of replenishing this water comes in various forms. Let’s assume according to Hiromi that your food source can provide you about 1 litre of water daily. The remaining 1.5 litre has to be filled up somehow. To regain this water, Hiromi does not recommend using beverages, tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, or natural juices. No, what he recommends is that you take this 1.5 liters or 7 cups of water in natural plain Kangen alkaline water.


There is so much to study from the amazing book Microbe factor, and I enjoy reading the book for regular advice and reminders of what I need to do. Take the initiative to get the book and read more on it. Thank you for staying till the end, remember to subscribe so that you never miss out. And show your support by liking and sharing. If you have any questions or opinion on the Kangen water, then leave it down on the comment, and I will be sure to respond.

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