Stay Cool At Night Smoothies

Top Tips To Stay Cool In Bed During The Night

How to Reduce the Heat at Night?

The weather during summer has got increasingly warmer and even drier over recent years, depending on your location. Heat waves occasioned by a rise in temperature can be a usual phenomenon during harsh weather.

For some areas that have experienced a severe amount of cold during winter, having their hope raised with a dash of summer can be exhilarating. Nonetheless, extreme heat coming from the sun can be disturbing as it often makes the house too hot and causes sleep cessation at night. Extreme heat can also result in a condition known as hyperthermia where the body absorbs too much heat and dissipates less. This often results in tiredness and fatigue as the body might not be necessarily active in such condition.

However, if you are looking for a way to stay at night without necessarily removing your rooftop, here are top tips to get you going;

Drink more water

You can’t get it wrong by drinking water to keep yourself very hydrated. The body must maintain homeostasis – which is the ability of the body to maintain a constant internal environment- by hydration which is mostly possible by drinking water. Water is, in fact, therapeutic and helps the body regulate some internal organ functioning. While drinking water is cool, you should avoid taking coffee as it is mostly diuretic and can cause dehydration.

Wear light clothes

Refrain from wearing heavy clothes during heat periods. While going to sleep, endeavour to put on something that won’t make you sweat too much while asleep. This is because extreme sweating during sleeping can make you sticky and cause sleeping disorders. Also, don’t bother to wear your footwear to bed as they most times leave your feet sweaty.

Stay Cool At Night Pijamas

Put your bedsheets inside the refrigerator

You can put your bedspread inside the fridge or freezer during the day as this will keep the bed sheet cool. Using such bedspread at night will help you get rid of heat. You can leave the bedspread inside the fridge for about 30 to 60 minutes.

Eat spicy food

This might sound weird at first but it is true. Spicy foods will actually help your body cool down. Spicy food goes a long way to increase your blood circulation, which in turn gets you sweaty. And, just like it has been understood, sweating helps your body cool down when the sweat cools down.

Stay Cool At Night Spicy Food

Cool down your pressure points

There are certain parts of the body that -if kept cooled – can keep your entire body cool during hot weather. You can try to apply a small ice pack or a container filled with ice over these areas of the body. By so doing, you will be making your body cool and avoiding the heat. These parts of the body include knees, wrists, necks, ankles, behind the elbows, and temple.

When you were young, eating Popsicle was one way your parents used to get your body to be able to maintain and regulate heat, nothing has changed much. Basil Watermelon Popsicle is great. You can make a good one by following the recipe below;

  • Ingredients:  Handful of urban cultivator-grown basil, one-half seedless baby watermelon, peel and flesh cut into large chunks.
  • Procedure: juice the basil and the watermelon and stir the juice with a spoon. Pour the juice into an ice pop mould and freeze.

Cool down with a smoothie

You probably don’t feel like eating a Popsicle, well that is not bad as there is another alternative for you. An ice-cold smoothie will help regulate your body’s temperature and bring it down to the normal level. Smoothies are also known to keep the body readily hydrated. After making your smoothie, you can add coconut water or some wheatgrass as they both have hydrating properties. If you don’t know how to prepare a smoothie before, you can follow the recipe below to make a nice one;

Stay Cool At Night Smoothies


  •       One cup of fresh spinach
  •       One cup of water
  •       One-half cup of frozen pineapple
  •       One-half cup of frozen mango
  •       One banana


  1. Put your spinach inside a measuring cylinder or cup.
  2. Add the spinach to the blender and add water. Blend the mixture of spinach and water together until you notice that all the chunks are gone. (You should notice a green water mixture after blending).
  3. Add the combination of pineapple, banana and mango inside the blender. You can add frozen pineapple and mangos to chill the smoothie down and equally save some time cutting and prepping. It is actually cool when you try it.
  4. Blend all the fruits together until you get a smooth and creamy texture. Depending on your blender, this could take as long as two minutes or as little as thirty seconds.
  5. Pour the smoothie into your glass and then serve immediately.
  6. You can put the smoothie inside the fridge covered with a lid until ready to drink.

Don’t close your windows:

You can underestimate the importance of fresh air entering your room and parlours. Closing the window both at night and during the day can cause heat to pile up which can lead to extreme heat at night. If you are scared of opening all your windows due to fear of small and dangerous animals crawling into your room, you can just open the louvers or just half of your window.

Free yourself of distraction

If your room is too hot, sleeping might seem very difficult. You should avoid complicating it by engaging in activities that can chase your sleep away. You should also try and study yourself and engage in those activities you don’t enjoy doing at all as they can help induce your sleep. Some people don’t like to read at night and they tend to sleep within minutes once they pick up a book at night.

Don’t use duvets

You should endeavour to stay far away from duvets as they most times increase heating. Your duvets would have stored a considerable amount of heat during the day; sleeping with the duvets will compound the heat. 

Hope this helps you all to stay cool.

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