6 Mistakes You're Probably Making When Eating Fruits! Learn The Best Way To Eat Fruits

The Six Mistakes You Could Be Making When Eating Fruits

Fruits are a gift of nature! However, 90% of people eat fruits the wrong way! This causes them to get less nutrition and vitamins that they think they’re getting! Not only that, but improper fruit consumption can also lead to problems like:

  • Allergies
  • Grey Hairs
  • And even hair loss!
  • Digestive Issues

So, even after eating the healthiest foods on the planet, they still fail to get the benefits of them!

Are you eating fruits the wrong way? Keep reading to find out!

Hello everyone and welcome back to our blog! Today we’ll talk about how to eat fruits in the most efficient way possible. If you want to improve your lifestyle, get more vitamins in your body and enjoy better health, you’ve come to the right place!

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Stay with us until the end, and you’ll know how what and when to eat for the maximum benefit!

The Six Mistakes You Could Be Making When Eating Fruits:

  1. Eating fruits after a meal

We all love eating something sweet after a meal. But did you know that by eating fruits directly after a meal, you’re messing with your digestive system? Yes, you heard that right!

Let’s say you’ve just had a nice filling meal, and you are craving something sweet. So you take a slice of fruit. But here’s the problem – fruits are digested much faster than grains. The minute fruits come in contact with the food and digestive juices in your stomach, the entire mass begins to ferment. This can lead to bloating and digestive issues.

  1. Cutting and storing fruits

In today’s fast life, we like eating on the go. We cut the fruits the night before and store them in a box because we want to take them to work. But cutting your fruits and letting them sit like that for more than 10-15 minutes will negate most of their positive effects.

  1. Not eating local fruits.

Local, in-season fruits will always be the best for you. Why is that? Your body will naturally have an easier time absorbing their nutrients!

  1. Drinking fruit juices

Do you often choose fruit juice over eating the actual fruit?  While drinking an extract won’t actively harm you, you’ll still be getting less nutrition than from eating the fruit itself. Juices lack:

  • Dietary fibre
  • Some minerals and nutrients

Note – I’m talking about freshly squeezed juices here. Most “fruit juices” you can buy in the supermarket are packed full of things that you don’t want in your body.

  1. Combining fruits with milk.

That’s a big no-no. Especially sour fruits (like oranges) should never be combined with milk. Doing so will create an adverse reaction in your body, and cause skin problems. Only very sweet fruits, like bananas, dates and mangos should be combined with milk.

  1. Eating fruits at night

During the day, your body will have a much easier time absorbing the crucial nutrients found in most fruits. Eating fruits at night can raise your body’s acidity levels, causing heartburn and disrupt your sleep cycle. So, make a habit out of eating fruits before 6pm.

How and when and what fruits to eat:

When to eat fruits – fruits should ideally be consumed in the early morning, preferably on an empty stomach. This will play a significant role in detoxification, and you’ll have a much easier time getting the most nutrients out of your healthy snack.

When eating fruits in between meals, always give yourself a 2-hour gap before and after eating fruits

How to eat fruits – avoid juices and eat them whole. If you want to drink fruit juices, sip the juice slowly and let it your body absorb the nutrients properly.

What fruits to eat – Local fully ripe and in season fruits are the best for your body. You will get the most minerals, and you can enjoy a variety throughout the year.

That about sums it up, folks.

Until next time! And remember – A healthy life is a happy life!

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