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Shocking Mistakes You Could Be Making When Drinking Water

We all know that drinking water is important – it makes up about two-thirds of our bodies, and it’s crucial for our well-being.

But did you know that improper and excessive consumption of water can be harmful to you?

It can easily lead to problems like:

  • Migraines
  • Joint pain
  • indigestion
  • Skin problems
  • Hair loss
  • Lethargy
  • Heart disease
  • Kidney problems

And more!

Do you drink water after eating?

While drinking water after a meal might feel the right thing to do, it’s actually a horrible idea.

Right after you’re done with a meal, your body temperature goes up. This facilitates digestion. Drinking water during this time, will dilute your gastric juices and reduce your ability to process food!

You’ll end up completely wasting a large portion of the nutrients that you were about to get and put yourself at risk of digestive problems, like bloating, acidity and more!

Do you drink water in large gulps?

Yes, even the way in which water enters your body makes a difference!

If you drink in large gulps, your body might not manage to process the water properly and will instead flush most of it out, leaving you thirsty and frustrated in the process.

Furthermore, if you quickly gulp down large quantities of water, much less saliva manages to get to the stomach. This can quickly raise your body’s acidity level, causing a large array of digestive problems and even weight gain!

Are you drinking cold water?

Yes, drinking cold water can cause a sore throat, what else is new?

Well did you know that drinking cold water will also:

  • Shrink your blood vessels
  • Obstruct the digestive process
  • Solidify the fats in food making them harder to break down
  • Aggravate joint pain
  • Decrease your heart rate

Instead of drinking ice-cold water, stick to room temperature or – even better – lukewarm water.

Are you drinking too much water?

Water poisoning is a thing!

While proper hydration is important, too much of anything is bad! Drinking excessive amounts of water dilutes the sodium in our bodies, causing swelling, lightheadedness and headaches!

Are you drinking water while standing?

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Are you too busy to even consider sitting down before taking a sip of water? Do you drink on the move?

You should know that if you drink water standing, you are preventing your kidneys from doing their filtration job properly. If left unchecked, this can easily lead to disaster, causing problems like joint pains, arthritis and more!

Drinking water, the right way

And now that we’ve had a good look at how not to drink water, let’s dive straight in to how to do it properly

You should try to always drink water:

  • In the morning, after you wake up
  • When you feel thirsty
  • In-between meals – at least 1h after and 30 min before meals

Bonus water drinking tip:

Avoid drinking water from plastic vessels. Not only do they contribute to plastic pollution, but they can also leach dangerous toxins into the water, which will then find their way into your body!

Instead, you should stick to stainless steel canisters or wooden bowls.

Don’t have a reusable water bottle yet? Grab one from the link in the description below!

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