Youtube Sanitise Cutting Boards With Lemon

Sanitise cutting boards with lemon

If you are all about cleaning with eco-friendly solutions, then you should feel welcome to my channel. Here I explore proven methods and products that cause zero harm to the environment and human health while doing a splendid job of cleaning.

In this article, we will explore the cleaning powers of lemon. This sure is a wonder-fruit! Apart from its unique taste, it possesses excellent cleaning powers, which you will fall in love with! With its lovely scent and excellent acidic properties, it finds many uses in every room of your home.

Sometimes you can use it to clean various items, such as the one we are about to tell you now!

Sanitise cutting boards with lemon

Since you use cutting boards to prepare your food, you want to keep them clean and sanitary. Over time, these items gather bacteria and germs, which is just gross! The danger of cross-contamination is real, and you don’t want that to happen. That is why you need to sanitise those cutting boards on a regular basis, and lemon juice is an excellent way to do so.

It is super easy and dare we say – pleasant – to clean with lemon. All you need is a single lemon cut in half. Dip it salt and work it on the cutting board. Not only will it sanitise the cutting board, but also scour any stains and leave behind a pleasant smell.

This cleaning method also works on particularly a soiled trash bin. You have no idea how much of a breeding ground for bacteria and germs that place is. Remember, sanitising your kitchen area is particularly important since that is where you prepare and cook your food. You don’t want any of it coming into contact with grimy areas, do you?

Lemon is a true helper in the kitchen – not only does it add a sweet flavour to meals, but also cleans the area in a great way. Be sure to use it!

Do you have any cleaning tips to share on using lemons? Write in the comments below. You can also share this article to spread to love for lemons with your friends!

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