DPS Replacement Filter (Green)


Ion Exchange filter, softener

This is a replacement filter which is to be used with the Enagic Dual Pre-Filter System. note: need adequate water pressure or may not flow properly.

  • Removes up to 600 grains of hardness
  • Easy to install
  • Color coded filters for easy ordering
  • Quick, no mess filter changing


This ion is an ion exchange filter, which softens your water, softening the hardness present in the water. Reducing the dissolved calcium and magnesium, some manganese and ferrous iron. This filter is best used when making strong Kangen/strong Acidic water.You should replace filter with Blue or Purple filter when making Kangen drinking water to extend the life of the green filter.

Hard water leaves deposits on plate surfaces. These deposits restrict the flow of electric current to the water and may cause electric current reduced performance.

The filter is filled with resin beads which are negatively charged to absorb and bind hardness ions that are positively charged. When water passes through these resin beads the hard water effect is reduced and system life is increased.


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Weight 0.4 kg