How The Kangen Machine Works

How the Kangen Machine Works

Depending on what you want your water for, for consumption, for cleaning and other household activities, what is certain is that the Kangen water machine is capable of giving you both. However, how these are achieved seems difficult to some and many ask how a machine can offer Alkaline and Acidic water without error. Hello and welcome to my blog. Today we will be exploring how the Kangen machine works.

There have been a lot of conclusions from some people about how it works. Findings have shown, however, that it is far from what they have suggested. Just like the way other water ionizers work, the same way the Kangen water machine works. In this post, we will be pointing out how the Kangen machine works. The scientific process, binding the purification and ionization process.

How the Kangen Machine Works

Over the charged plates, there’s a passage of water which is separated by an ion-permeable membrane. The minerals which are present in the tap water (calcium and magnesium) are caused by the electrostatic charge on the machine’s plate, which separates the acidic carbonate mixed up within the water.

Once it is free of the acidic carbonate, the minerals form a combination with an antioxidant hydroxyl ion obtained from a molecule of water that shapes mineral hydrate. Now, the presence of the mineral hydrates in the Kangen water gives the water it’s potential for alkalinity and antioxidant.

The electrolysis process

A lot of people do not know there is a certain process to the production of Kangen water. Here is the process involved in its production and what makes the Kangen water different.

  • The filtration process 

The high-grade internal filters are filtering the presence of odour, horrible tastes, and chlorine. Also, sedimentations are lowered to about 5 micrometres for the production of a clean and neat water for consumption.

  • Electrolysis 

Through various electrode plates and membranes, the water that is filtered is split into parts of acid and alkaline. The water is split into OH- (hydroxide ions) and H+ (hydrogen ions).

There is a reaction of the hydrogen with the electrons given by the cathode (charged electrode), resulting in the production of H2, molecular hydrogen. Hydroxide ions remain, which makes the water more alkaline around the cathode.

Contrarily, near the anode (+ charged electrode), hydroxide ions offer electrons to the anode, finally forming O2 (Oxygen). Hydrogen ions remain, causing the water to be more acidic around the anode. These two water kinds are distinguished by membranes and released through varied pipes.

How Alkaline Water is made from the Kangen Water Machine

Kangen Water

It is believed by many that there are certain things the Kangen machine does to the water. Findings have shown that the machine does not do anything to the water. In your tap water, the machine only works on mineral salts that are dissolved.  

Magnesium bicarbonate, calcium, and mineral salt is present in tap water. If there’s a presence of a high amount of mineral salts in your tap water, it’s an indication that you have hard water. Just as it is in other water ionizers, with the use of electromagnetism, the Kangen water machine separates minerals from bicarbonate in the tap water. While ionization, the alkaline minerals are brought towards the plates which are negatively charged. Towards the positively charged plates, the bicarbonate is also drawn.

The membrane that pulls apart the negatively charged plates from the positively charged allows the minerals ions and bicarbonate ions to pass through, which doesn’t cross back. As a result of this, the mineral ions end up in a different compartment from the bicarbonate ions.  

The moment calcium and magnesium ions separate from the bicarbonate ions, they pass through a reaction with molecules of water known as Hydrolysis. Calcium magnesium ions grab hydroxyl ions from water molecules to form new compounds known as calcium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide. The bicarbonate ions also pass through a reaction with water and Carbonic acid is formed from that reaction.

With both acidic and alkaline water being produced from the Kangen machine, this explanation has clarified all doubts caused by speculators. The electrolysis and filtration process are the two things involved in producing the water of your choice. Get your Kangen water today, and enjoy the highest quality of water. 

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