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How Can Sweet Potatoes Help Treat Common Digestive Problems?

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There is something about digestive problems that make anyone suffering from it uncomfortable in sharing their experiences with other people. The difficulty in discussing these things often leave the person afflicted with it to suffer in silence. Moreover, there is growing number of people who are affected and that’s why it would be helpful to know some important points about the most common digestive problems. 

Sweet Potato

Common Digestive Problems

Peptic Ulcers – before you reach for a painkiller, there is something you need to think about if you are feeling unexplained pain in your stomach. You might end up feeling worse if you drink aspirin or any other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug or NSAIDs. Peptic Ulcers are breaks or holes in the protective lining of the upper part of the small intestines, also known as duodenum, or the stomach. Peptic ulcers can be caused by several factors including Helicobacter Pylori, smoking, alcohol, excessive use of NSAID, and even stress. 

Gastritis – this condition takes place when the lining of the stomach is inflamed. Gastritis is commonly brought on by an infection with the same bacterium that is responsible for stomach ulcers. Excessive alcohol drinking and using painkillers regularly could also contribute to gastritis. Gastritis may either be acute or chronic. It may also lead to ulcers and in worse case increase a patient’s risk of developing stomach cancer. 

Acute gastritis involves severe and sudden inflammation while chronic gastritis is long term and if left untreated can last for several years. There is less common form of gastritis and it is called erosive gastritis. Unlike the chronic and acute type, erosive gastritis does not cause inflammation. However, it could lead to ulcers and bleeding in the lining of the stomach. The most common symptoms of this condition include nausea, vomiting, feeling full in the upper portion of the abdomen especially after eating, and indigestion.  

Acid Reflux – There is a valve at the entrance of the stomach and it is referred to as the lower esophageal sphincter or LES. Once food passes, the LES closes. The problem arises when the LES opens too often or if it fails to close all the way. When this happens, you might feel an uncomfortable burning sensation in your chest, which is called heartburn. In case the symptoms of acid reflux happens more than twice a week, you might be suffering from an acid reflux disease called gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. 

Hiatal hernia is a stomach abnormality that can cause acid reflux disease. This happens when the stomach’s upper section as well as the LES move on top of the diaphragm, which aids in keeping acid in your stomach. However, if you are suffering from a hiatal hernia, acid can easily move up into the esophagus and trigger symptoms of acid reflux disease. 

There are several other risk factors for acid reflux disease. This include eating large meals, being overweight, obesity, and eating snacks when it is almost your bedtime. 

Natural Remedy For Common Digestive Problems

Do you want to know how you can prepare an effective remedy against common digestive problems such as ulcers, gastritis, acid reflux, and heartburns? The primary ingredient in this natural remedy are sweet potatoes, which are popular for treating various problems involving the digestive system. 

One common illness encountered by many is gastritis. It happens when the stomach lining is inflamed, which leads to heartburn and pain. If this is left untreated, gastritis may even result in internal bleeding, which can lead to serious problems. Although you can treat the disease using traditional medications, you can go for a natural remedy instead. Did you know that you can treat gastritis without having to take any medicines? All you need is water and sweet potatoes!

Here’s how to prepare this natural remedy.


1 medium sweet potatoes

600 ml of water


  1. The first thing you have o do is to peel and then slice the sweet potato into smaller pieces and toss it into a bowl of water. 
  2. Combine all the ingredients in a blender. Get a gauze and strain and press the mixture through a gauze and into a bowl. Leave the liquid in the bowl for two hours. 
  3. Once done, strain the liquid until all that is left at the bowl’s bottom is the sweet potato flour.
  4. Take the flour out and leave it to dry. 
  5. Transfer the flour in a dry and clean glass and cover it. 
  6. Get one teaspoon of sweet potato flour and add it into 200ml of water. Stir the mixture well and then drink a glass of it before eating lunch and dinner. 

Fast Facts About Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are rich in potassium and fiber. Although they have more natural sugar content compared to regular potato, it has more overall nutrients but with lesser calories. It can help keep your blood pressure within normal range and offers protection against cancer. Since it is rich in fiber, regular consumption of sweet potatoes can prevent constipation.

Everyone knows that consuming different kinds of fruits and vegetables of all kinds can reduce your risks of many different health conditions. According to some research, eating more plant foods like sweet potato can lower your risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, as well as overall mortality. 

Thanks to its low glycemic index, research suggest that sweet potatoes can help reduce episodes of insulin resistance and low blood sugar among those who have diabetes. Sweet potatoes may also help promote fertility among women of childbearing age as this type of plant food is rich in Vitamin A, which is important in hormone synthesis and lactation. They are also rich in Vitamin C and beta carotene, which will provide you with an immunity boost. 

Sweet potatoes also contain choline, which is a versatile and essential nutrient. It can help improve your memory, learning, muscle movement, and sleep. When you are buying sweet potatoes, be sure to avoid picking those that have soft spots, cracks, wrinkles, or soft skin. It can be stored in a dry and cool place up to five weeks. 

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