Getting Motivated And Staying That Way

Getting Motivated and Staying That Way

Everyone wants to be motivated to perform a certain task. That is okay, especially when the task is seemingly difficult. Say, for instance, a person struggling with a diet. To start the process of weight loss might be an uphill task, so the right motivation is needed to start. Once the process is started. What next? You need to stay motivated to achieve your goals. So, getting motivated is one thing, but staying motivated is another vital part people seem to ignore. Check out my other blogs such as, “Treating Flu With Ginger-Garlic Soup“.

Good day readers, and welcome to this post. It promises to be as exciting as the other posts I always present to you, and in this particular blog, I will be discussing one factor most people tend to struggle with for most of their lives; getting motivated and staying motivated. I hope you can learn a thing or two from it.

Here are some of the ways someone can get motivated and stay motivated: 

Mental Picture

The motivation has to come from within you:

The basic step to getting motivated and staying motivated is you have to motivate yourself by yourself. What do I mean by that? Well, first, you need to create a mental picture of what you want to achieve. For instance, you want to work on your body. The first thing you should do is have a mental picture of how you want to look like in, say, six months. The mental picture, in this sense, simply means knowing what you actually want.

Do you want to be an investor? Picture what your portfolio would look like by a certain time. Do you want to be a bodybuilder? Have that mental picture of what you want your body to be like in a short period of time. The interesting thing about this mental picture is that it is applicable to every facet of life, be it business, family, work, sports, entertainment, etc. Once you have got that mental image of yourself, you can now begin to work towards it and believe me, and you will start reaping the benefits of what you have worked so hard for. Remember, the motivation started from within.

Here is the catch, once you have self-motivated yourself and started putting in all the work you need, guess what? External motivation begins to take effect. Let’s say you motivated yourself to be a bodybuilder or an investor. The motivation started from within, right?

After weeks of hard work and patience, you go online as a bodybuilder and showcase your new looks? What do you think happens? You begin to get more likes and positive comments about the body you have worked so hard to build. That could pass for outer motivation. As an investor, after self-motivating yourself, you start the work, and after a few months, you get your first million. That is more than enough outer motivation for someone who has already self-motivated himself.

Creating the mental picture is one thing, what would actually keep you motivated is the emotional attachment you have with the mental picture. Knowing that this is a picture of what you want can trigger a high level of motivation within you because you have a goal or target already registered in your mind. People do not really need to see your hard work, but the truth is you would feel better when people are like “Wow, you look great” or “How did you do this?” and comments like that. The image created in one’s mind causes a vibration in the mind that causes the body to take action.

Writing out your goals would help:

Setting Goals

Putting down your goals into writing is just like creating a form of awareness or recognition. Writing it down means you are fully aware of all your goals, and it has a way of implanting itself in your memory for the rest of the day. Taking time to think and write down all your goals is very vital. During the process of thinking and writing down these goals, there should be no distraction.

You need to be totally focused and engrossed in this positive energy that is coming from within. While you are writing the goals down, you are telling yourself that nothing can stop you from reaching these goals. So, take some time every morning to practice morning meditation because it helps to get you motivated and also keep you motivated.

You can start practicing affirmations:

Well, you want to get motivated and stay that way, right? An affirmation is a good way to go about it. Affirmations are simply declarations of what you want to achieve and whatever you have achieved so far. For instance, most people put little words of affirmations on top of their mirrors to kick start their day. Wouldn’t it be great to wake up in the morning, look at your mirror and read something you put there months ago that read “Today, I have some plans for you and I will fulfill all of them before you run out” or “I want to make sure I lose 2kg of pounds today”.

It may seem funny, but it is a good way to become motivated and also stay motivated. You can even go with positive declarations like “Thank God, I am a million-dollar businessman” or “I am happy to be a great bodybuilder or gymnast” or things like that. Even though you have not achieved that goal, these positive declarations can be the trigger to getting motivated and staying motivated. People choose to place these affirmations in the mirror because it is basically the first place you go when you want to go out in the morning. So, how about using that mirror of yours as a place of motivation?

Getting motivated, maybe the hard part, but you also need to consider staying motivated. Most people relax after reaching their goals, but that should not be the case. Whenever you reach your set goals, try setting another goal. Keep pushing yourself to the limits, and you will see that there are actually no limits. Like Isaac Newton said, “The body will continue to remain in a state of rest or constant motion unless acted upon by an external force.”

Let that external force be motivation. Please share this blog, hit the “Like” button, subscribe, and drop your comments.

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