Farm Chemicals And How To Clean Our Foods

Farm Chemicals And How To Clean Our Foods

Visit a local farm in your area, and you will see some healthy fruits, veggies, and foods. The local farms you see around you are not just free of pests and other harmful organisms. The farmers tend to use chemicals in the form of pesticides, germicides, fungicides, and herbicides. For anyone who reads crime novels or watches crime movies, you will notice that these “Cides” technically mean death. They are supposed to kill the germs, fungi, pests, and harmful herbs. But isn’t it possible for these chemicals to find a way into our bodies?

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These chemicals are oil-based, so they tend to stick to the veggies and fruits produced on these farms. These chemicals are strong enough to kill the gut bacteria in our stomachs. This damage comes with different health problems like weaker immune systems, depression, and other health-related problems.

So, we advise that you always wash your fruits and vegetables before ingesting them to keep all these chemicals from reaching our systems.

If you want to perform an experiment, just take some of the fruits or veggies from a local farm and put them in a pot filled with 11.5 alkaline water. This water is known to help with different types of inflammation you might feel.

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Understanding Food Safety on the Farm

Allow these fruits to sit in a pot with this liquid for some time. While the fruits are sitting there, the liquid is going to pull off these organic contents. Almost every farm is allowed to use these chemicals, be it pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or germicides. One might ask why they prefer to use these chemicals in their oil-based forms.

The answer is because they want to make sure these chemicals are not easily washed away by rain or dried easily by the sun or the dry weather. After letting the pot sit for a while with its contents, drain the liquid from the pot and leave the fruits behind. The resulting liquid contains all the externals that were present on the body of the fruits, ranging from dust to chemicals.

There are various uses of this 11.5 ph Kangen water. Its most widely used application is washing off veggies and fruits, but it can also be used to cool inflammation. It can also be used in our laundry soaps, as it is an agent for the emulsification of fats and oil.

Two liquids were used in this experiment:

Kangen Water

The 11.5ph fresh liquid and clean tap water. The difference is that the 11.5ph Kangen water is able to remove the oil-based chemicals, while the tap water cannot. This is evident in the difference between the resulting liquids of the two experiments. The 11.5ph alkaline water has been contaminated with some impurities that are even visible to the human eye, while the clean water is almost as clean as before the experiment.

If this experiment is not clear to you, try this other experiment

Take sesame oil and put it in two glasses. Add water to one glass and 11.5 alkaline Kangen water to the other. After a very short while, you will notice an obvious difference. This is because the 11.5ph Kangen water is able to break down oil-based contents better than water.

Wash your veggies and fruits with this liquid, and their shelf life will be prolonged for an extra week, not least because of the anti-oxidants.

Veggie Washing

It is not enough to buy fresh farm produce from the local farms near you. You need to go the extra mile of washing them with more than tap water. Freshwater contains some level of chlorine, which may not be healthy. This water, the 11.5 ph Kangen water, can remove more chemicals and dangerous substances than water. So, if this blog was informative, help us at Healthy life side by liking and sharing it, subscribing to our channel, and letting us know your views and comments.

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