Eat Your Way To A Long And Healthy Life

Eat your Way to a Long and Healthy Life

Of course, people inherit diseases by genetic transmission, but many people have these diseases as the product of what they eat. There are many misconceptions that some diseases such as heart problems, cancer, diabetes, and lots more are derived from our parents. 

Hello, and welcome to my blog. There is so much I want to say to you today, and I hope that you learn and apply it to your daily lives. The topic to be explored this time is steps to eating your way to a long and healthy life. I can tell you simply that you can live a long and healthy life with a boosted immune system. Learn more about boosting your immunity with my post “Tips to boost the immune system during the pandemic.”

Actually, following some research, we inherit the diseases if we inherit our parents’ eating patterns. Have we also realized that we can live healthily against every kind of disease, including the world ravaging coronavirus? It all boils down to what and how we eat.

Food is the major determinant of how long or short a time we live. That is why we must be determined in what we feed our bodies with. We need antibodies to fight against any form of disease, and we can be free from any of them by carefully selecting the best and healthy foods.

Your Body and Carbohydrates.

The best way to suppress your immune system is by eating carbohydrates. One of the most disastrous foods we consume that limits our lifespan is the consumption of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are high in sugar content and inevitably trigger some negative side effects in the body. Most times, especially in the pandemic, the food in high demand is carbohydrates; unfortunately, people don’t consider the risks of consuming it.

As a higher consumer of carbohydrates and sugar, the body is vulnerable to triglycerides. Triglycerides disease is a fat that is found in fat tissue and bloodstream, and it is triggered by the consumption of sugar-rich diets that results in heart diseases. This happens when you consume fructose food, including cane syrup, honey, plantain chips, milk, pasta, ice cream, adding excess sugar into tea or coffee drinks, and lots more.

Another harmful effect of super carbohydrates is chronic diseases such as insulin fluctuations and blood sugar, stroke, and obesity. When this happens, there might be more reasons to be cautious of carbohydrates because it gradually degenerates into diabetes and heart diseases. The best method to halt these is to stop the intake of refined carbohydrates or sugar.

What should you eat?


Mushrooms are immune boosters, and they are highly concentrated on two antioxidants: glutathione and ergothioneine. They both work together against the dangers that consumption of super carbohydrates may cause to your body. Another benefit of consuming mushrooms is the reverse ageing effects, which keeps you young and vibrant without your body having wrinkles.

Eating mushrooms keeps your brain protected from diseases. You are expected to eat mushrooms daily to reduce the risk of neurological diseases. The best way to go about it is either by grilling or microwaving.

Mushrooms also help to boost your memory. When you improve your diet by eating mushrooms, there is a higher chance of boosting your memory power. Most times, in the place of salt, mushrooms are required because they contain glutamate ribonucleotides that have no health implications on your heart or blood pressure. Mushrooms are also recommendations to substitute for red meat prone to increasing your level of fat, cholesterol, or calories.

Mushrooms are one of the best requirements, and when you make it a must-have in your daily meal, you have added a high level of Vitamin D, and you get fantastic results. Another amazing thing about mushrooms is the additional Vitamin B that helps produce red blood cells. We are aware that red blood cells transport oxygen throughout the body while helping us make energy from the food we eat.

Omega -3 and the Immune System

One of the best alternatives to have a sharp brain is the intake of omega-3, known as fish oil. It helps boost the heart’s ability, cardiovascular health, reduction of inflammation in the joints, arthritis, and maintaining eye functions. If you wish to have a healthy blood function, a string cognitive function, and a healthy brain, omega-3 is the answer. One of the reasons you are required to eat fish regularly is that it is the only source that gives omega-3. Our body does not produce it.

Paraffin Oils  From Grapes and Berries

Grapes And Berries

Paraffin oils from berries, grapefruits, and their leaves are other magic to staying healthy. They help provide the body with vitamin C&K, decrease sugar content in the body, prevent chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes, improve blood sugar and insulin response, produce high fibre, fight inflammation, and lots more.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are also one of the highly recommended foods you are expected to consume. They are corn, millet, oat, wheat, and lots more. It is good at regulating the blood, provides fat to the body, aids easy digestion, and helps your cells be stronger.

 Dairy Foods and Your Immune System

Dairy foods are one of the things that the system needs to function well. Constant consumption of dairy products is required in a considerable amount to help slow down ageing. Dairy products such as egg, meat, and fish (not the red meat that is high in calories or fatty fish), and milk are expected to be present in the food we consume daily because they act as bodybuilders and fight against any kind of risks that excess consumption of carbohydrates may bring.

Green Vegetables and Fruits

Green Vegetables And Fruits

Green vegetables and fruits are among the best immune boosters the body requires to function well against any disease. Food experts recommend avocado, mango, berries, apples, lettuce, cabbage, okra, carrots, and many more. Most people base their daily foods on vegetables alone (vegetarians), which has been proven to be highly potent to fight against any disease; it also helps to refresh the body, build the muscles, and much more. 

We need to be alert about what we consume as adults and even children during this pandemic and beyond it. You can healthy life by eating the food that is only beneficial to your living. Don’t just eat to be satisfied; eat to live long. 

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