What's In Your Water

Do You Have Any Idea What Is In Your Water?

Unquestionably, we all drink water, but what differs is where we are getting our water from. Hydration is essential in human life, and no one can survive without drinking water. If you are drinking your water from a public or community water system, are you aware of what your water contains? Do you have adequate knowledge about your water composition? If you are not consuming healthy water, you may not live a healthy, long life. That is why I am here for you, and I will tell you more about what your water contains.

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Your water composition.

Chemicals In Water

You cannot be striving to stay healthy and fit and be consuming water from a public or community water system. Even the water you drink in your home is full of chemicals and contaminants. You have a healthy goal, and you are taking unsafe water; it will be a fruitless effort. There is a chemical called perchlorate. Perchlorate is a human-made and naturally occurring chemical found in water. Perchlorate finds its way to water through the leaching of fertilizers from the soil’s surface into the groundwater. Once the groundwater is contaminated, that means your drinking water is unsafe for drinking.

Another chemical found in our water is Arsenic; this is also a naturally occurring element found in your water composition, it first exists in the soil, and it later enters your water through run-off. You are probably not aware that water is a significant infection source because it is a universal solvent.

Well, water is contaminated by fluoride, pesticides and run-off. A 2009 study showed that 23% of sampled Wells had at least one chemical contaminant that exceeded human-health benchmarks.

A study from the Environmental Protection Agency in 1999 showed that water infrastructure like pipes, treatment plants and other facilities were built many years ago. The Environmental Protection Agency’s findings believed that the water systems would need to invest $150 billion over 20 years to ensure clean and safe water.

Effect of chemicals in your water.

The presence of these chemicals in your water causes health problems like kidney failure, liver failure and other critical health issues. Disruption of thyroid functions comes from consuming public or community water. It will interest you to know that hypothyroidism is due to your consumption of unhealthy water because the body can no longer produce thyroid hormone due to the perchlorate present; it has inhibited thyroid hormone production.

Cancer is a result of the existence of arsenic in your water. Are you surprised? You are exposing your body to so much danger by taking any water you come across. The effect of arsenic first begins on the skin; it changes the skin’s pigmentation leading to skin cancer; other cardiovascular diseases also occur due to taking contaminated water. Some miscarriages and low birth weight are a result of arsenic present in your water. Cholera, typhoid fever are all a result of unhealthy consumption of water.

The ultimate key to taking healthy water.

Body Temperature

Think about your children; they are more vulnerable to chemicals much more than adults. Safe drinking water is essential for human health all over the globe. The solution to all this problem is Kangen water, and there is absolutely no choice better than this for you; I am definite about this. Enagic water is the best hydration choice; your water is ionized; the pH level is accurately balanced. It has the presence of magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium; this mineral helps your body to stay healthy, and it develops your body.

Your Enagic water helps control your blood pressure, and it also helps in the regulation of your immune system. Protect yourself and your family from disease infestation. It is time for your effort to stay healthy to yield a positive result. Why not save yourself from stress and have your modern and attractive Kangen machine in your home. The water machine is simple to install; all you need to do is attach it to your kitchen faucet and enjoy healthy water from the comfort of your home.

If you are so in love with your tap water, you can use your water machine to convert your tap water safe for consumption. Your health should be held in high esteem. Health is wealth.

You need to change your water for your life to change. It would be best if you weren’t having a second thought about this at all because nothing is worth more than your health. I am sure you want to live a happy and healthier life. A very purposeful life is the one in which you are consuming safe water. Think about it delicately, 70% of your body is made up of water; isn’t that passing a message across? The message it is passing across is that you should not just take in any water you see because if you do so, the harm it might cause may be a tough one as well. Investment made in an Alkaline ionized Enagic water system is a lifetime investment!

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