7 Terrible Morning Habits That Ruin Your Day

7 Terrible Morning Habits that Ruin Your Day

Habits are the things you always do consciously or unconsciously. Habits have consequences, both good or bad and can last a lifetime or just for a span of time. The habits we are addicted to could have negative effects on our life, especially health, relationship, or job. We need to start checking our addictions before they affect us. Hello, and welcome to my channel, home of all things lifestyle, money management and investment. Hit the subscribe button before we go any further. If you value this blog, and what I do, then kindly hit the like and share button. Also, comment below and I will give my honest reply to your questions.

In this post, I will be going through some of the bad morning habits people have each morning. These habits generally shape your entire day and can be a barrier to achieving a lot. Today I’ll tell you some of the habits you need to change to help you get your day more productive. Sometimes, when you wake up, you start your days wrongly because you fall victim to these bad morning habits. They could be as a result of lack of a good plan, lack of focus, misplaced priorities, or simple distractions. Whatever the causes might be, these bad morning habits have negative effects on everyone. Read also my post about ‘5 tips for a healthier life.’ Let’s begin.

Waking up at Inconsistent Time

Waking Up At Inconsistent Time

This is another bad morning habit you should avoid. There must be a schedule of your wake up time. Set an average time that works for most days. On days you might have more work, you can get up earlier, but choose a time that works best. On free days stick with the schedule. You must set a particular time of waking up no matter how your previous day was. Setting consistent time for waking up will help you be more productive and also more energetic.

The Use of Snooze Button

The much-loved snooze button is possibly the worst habit people have. It’s like a getaway card to sleep in more. However, this makes you lazy, and at the end of the alarm, you keep giving yourself five or ten minutes that keep going for an hour or two. The best thing I recommend is to keep your alarm a distance away from you as possible. It will prompt you to get up to turn it off. If that happens, then you will already be up and active, which is what you need.

Planning Your Day each Morning

The worst thing that could affect your day is not planning. Do not plan your day when you wake up each morning. Doing that wastes your time getting the list ready, and also you might realize late that you have a long task for the day. To avoid this, get a plan ahead of the morning so that you know exactly what the day requires of you and how to tackle each problem. Have you ever realized that you could have fixed this or that earlier but didn’t do so? To have a well planned day ahead, the best time to plan is a night before you go to bed. This would help you to avoid having many unfinished tasks on the desk at the end of the day. It will also help you to finish within the time scheduled for each of the tasks.


Most times, people fail to take enough water when we wake up each morning. Water should be the first thing you take. Water should be taken in a certain proportion. Taking at least a cup of water helps our health, and it helps the brain to function faster and better. Many of us do not know how crucial water is to our health. Some people go half a day without drinking water while some take it hours later each morning. Water is essential to the body and not just water but taking Kangen water. Kangen water is filled with all the benefits that help your health and wellbeing. If you have any questions on the Kangen water, then reach out to me through my blog and learn how you can have the same machine as the company works only  via sponsors. Or you can check out my classes and course to help you understand the importance.

No Exercises

Most people wake up straight from their beds and go on to engage in their daily activities. The people that work from home are most times affected by this habit. They sit at a position for long hours and go right back to bed. The cycle is very unhealthy, and many studies have proven this. Exercise helps to reduce stress, and it makes you more at an alert. It also helps to relax your muscles and circulate blood in the body. Exercise is not about doing rigorous activities for hours; it could be a short walk of 20 minutes or a little activity that would shake the body and get it active.

Creating Distractions

Have you ever had your day all planned out, and you end up being distracted by unnecessary things. If that has happened to you countless

times, then you have a bad habit. These distractions affect your daily schedule and reduce your productivity. You realize you have wasted the whole day doing nothing important. To avoid this, have a time frame schedule and appoint each task within a period. Make sure you perform your task within that time and plan according to the order of priority.

Social Media

Social Media

This is one of the bad morning habits that nearly everyone engages in. If you wake up and the first thing you do is to pick your phones to attend to social media, then you have a bad habit. The first thing to do to cut this habit off is to get your phone as far from you as possible. Don’t touch it until you have completed the first few tasks on your list. Turn off your internet connection if you have to but ensure that unless on an unavoidable and extremely essential reason you do not go to any social media platform.


It is so much you do each morning that shapes the rest of your day. You can begin by eradicating these bad morning habits, and you will generally find yourself achieving more each day. Let me know your thoughts on this topic in the comment section. If you liked what you just watched, then hit the subscribe button for more. Also, click like and share before leaving. Thanks and goodbye.

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