Foods To Improve Your Sex Drive

7 Foods to Boost Your Sex Drive

As humans, we are all prone to having sexual desires with those who matter to us. This is not a crime, and we enjoy the experience. However, many people suffer greatly from poor sex drive to partake in any sexual activity. This situation is caused by a fall in activity with the libido. This sounds serious we know but take a deep breath, there are natural remedies that solve the issues at hand.

Food is a major necessity for every living being. Without food, we cannot do much; it plays a great part in shaping who we are as humans. But food is not just for the physical and mental development of living beings, but it is also useful in their sexual needs.

Our sex drive and activities all depend upon how well blood flows to those reproductive organs. When there is a delay in how much blood goes around, then you experience loss of interest in sexually related activities and end up having a depleted sexual life and experience. 

A lot of foods available to you can be easily added to your diet to boost blood flow and other sexual hormones. In this article, I will be narrating seven of the most effective foods that work for the sexual benefit of humans.

The best foods to improve your sex drive

Red wine

Who doesn’t love the feel of red wine on the lips? This is probably not a shocking truth, but red wine is excellent in boosting your sex drive. This is so for both men and women. According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, any adult can boost their sexual drive by taking a glass or two of red wine. This is effective because red wine contains Quercetin, which is a substance that triggers the sexual hormones in the human body. 

Sex Drive Foods - Red Wine


Fatty acids are a great health benefit, but they are also effective in solving various sexual related issues. First American Journal of Epidemiology says that a regular intake of this nutrient can positively affect the chances of getting prostate cancer.

It also plays a part in preventing plaque build-up in the arteries. This way, blood can flow freely and easily get to those areas that matter in your sexual life.

Sex Drive Foods - Salmon


This sounds like just an ordinary fruit, but the sex drive benefits that are embedded in apples is more amazing than you may understand. There are a good number of health disorders which may hamper sexual desire. And Apples are a great natural solution.

Loaded with Quercertine, it helps to power up and control the symptoms of prostatitis. It also facilitates the circulation of interstitial cystitis (IC). Sexual discomfort such as pain in the testicles with ejaculation, IC, or extremely painful bladder disorder can be an occasional result of prostatitis.

Sex Drive Foods - Apples

Prostatitis is the breakout of the prostate gland, which can result in depleted sexual function. Erectile dysfunction, less desire for sex, painful genitals are all sexual signs of IC. Daily consumption of an apple can help improve your sexual life alongside onions, grapes.


It looks more like an ingredient used in cooking meals but guess what? Garlic is a raw herb which is a thinner of blood. They are frequently used when there is a need to prevent heart disease.

They can also be used in the reduction of high cholesterol and high blood pressure. When you eat garlic, they contain anti-coagulant properties which ensure that lots of blood flow get to your reproductive areas.

Sex Drive Foods - Garlic

Nuts and seeds

These are another wonderful natural foods that can be used in boosting up your sex drive. Nuts and seeds such as pecans, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, and; hazelnuts are exceptionally wonderful in boosting your sexual urge. L-arginine is contained in most of these healthy snacks which is a great substance for stimulating sexual related organs.

Sex Drive Foods - Nuts


Certain meats have been found to contain carnitine, L-arginine, and zinc. According to NYU Langone Medical Center, these nutrients are present in certain meats and can effectively treat erectile dysfunction in some men.

These are amino acids that can help enhance the flow of blood as this is essential in the sexual response of both genders. Meats such as pork, beef, and chicken can help perk up your libido. When you eat, ensure that these mentioned meats are included in your diet to enhance your sexual urge due to the nutrients that are present in them.

Sex Drive Foods - Meat


As shared by the American Chemical Society in a conference, 2005 oysters, clamps and scallops were found to contain compounds that enhance testosterone and estrogen levels and also have aphrodisiac properties. Oysters as a perfect zinc source also aid in the flow of blood in both genders to sexual organs. They help in hormone boosting, to increase sexual urge. Lobster or crabs are also a good source of zinc.

Sex Drive Foods - Oysters

That leads to the end of this blog. Stay tuned for more interesting topics on health and well-being.

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