10 Ways To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus Even When You Go Out

10 Ways To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus Even When You Go Out

The world is still visibly shaken from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. It caused the lockdown of many businesses, schools, and whole economies across the world. The race to find a vaccine and cure is still on. Well, the world can’t be locked down forever, so businesses and economies are beginning to open up gradually. The death rate has slowed down a bit but does not be mistaken; the coronavirus is still very much around.

The opening of businesses and economies mean the lockdown has been lifted, and people are now free to go outside. But has anyone thought of the possibility of bringing the virus into your home when you come back from your outing? Yes, it is very much possible, especially if you are someone that has taken the necessary precautionary measures to rid your home of the virus. The virus is not magical; there has to be some kind of means it can find itself to anyone or any home, so taking precautions even when you are out is key.

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You may be totally self-isolating and following all the general instructions that are going around about preventive measures. But you definitely cannot stay indoors forever. You have to visit some essential places like the grocery stores, the church, maybe schools, and some other places you have to visit.

It is fine to keep the specified distance between you and the people around you, cover your nose and mouth with face masks, limit how you touch your face, wear gloves to cover your hands, wash your hand regularly and for twenty seconds, and even use alcohol-based hand sanitizers. These are all basic prevention rules, but there may be more common sense techniques or rules you need to abide by to increase your chances of being free from the coronavirus when you step out of isolation.

These are the ways to protect yourself from Coronavirus:

Don’t get tired of washing your hands:

The hands are the most effective carriers of the virus and other harmful organisms. This is because they are used to touch almost everything from doorknobs to taps to equipment, you name it. So, washing your hands regularly should be a priority. Some people assume that hand sanitizers are enough in the fight against the coronavirus and other organisms, but I am saying it is not enough. You use your hands to touch our face, eyes, nose, and mouth, so they need to be as clean as possible.

Try becoming cashless:

There is a feeling that comes when you receive cash. The mind and brain may begin to make you ask questions like “Where has this money been” or “Is this money contaminated or not”. These are natural and reasonable questions that nobody actually has honest answers to. So, in order to avoid these questions and allay these fears, try using less cash and practice the use of cards.

You can use knuckles for digital identification instead of fingers, carry your own pen and paper for physical signature, and prevent using the general items other people are using. This way, you will drastically reduce any potential chances of contracting the virus.

Greet people from a distance:

Self Isolation

Self-isolation is not an easy process. It is one fact we all agree with. But then the aim of self-isolation would be defeated if you see a friend or family member, and you cannot resist the urge to hug or shake him or her. The person may be very close to you, maybe a close friend or family, but that does not mean he or she is immune to the virus or cannot pass it to you.

There are other ways to exchange pleasantries apart from hugging and shaking. You can actually wave passionately. Resist that feeling that you are hurting friends and loved ones by not coming close to them. You just might be doing them a favor without knowing it.

Avoid public transport as much as you can:

If you are a private car owner, this is the time to use your car for transport. There is no need worrying about fuel, mileage, or car maintenance when your health and the health of your loved ones is at stake. Public transport is another way most people contract the virus, and that is why the public movement was stopped when the pandemic was at its peak. Having your own vehicle means you have taken the necessary precautions to free the car from the virus and other deadly organisms.

Shop with your own shopping or grocery bags:

Whenever you visit grocery stores, bags are some of the things they are required to provide for you. But the bags they provide may have been compromised along the line, and you cannot vouch for it. So, save yourself the trouble and be in control of the situation by going to these stores with your own grocery bags. Try to avoid using baskets and carts that are available in the store because you have no idea who has used it or not. Shop directly into your shopping bags because the point is reducing cross-contamination as much as possible.

Avoid social gatherings as much as you can:

Self-isolation comes at a cost, no doubt. You have to try and sacrifice these social gatherings for your health and safety, and also that of your family. I am not saying you should become anti-social, no. All I am saying is if you can afford to miss a certain social gathering, make that choice. Having a nice time with friends and family is fun, but the fun ends if you contract the virus while having fun.

Handle your phone properly:

Disinfecting Phone

Do you really need to use your phone when you are in the toilet or when you want to grab something quickly at the grocery store down the road? If no, there is no need to take it with you. Also, preventing the unnecessary transfer of your phone from hand to hand or from place to place may actually reduce your chances of contracting the virus. Disinfecting your phone often may work but is it not better to try and prevent everything altogether?

Leave your jacket outside when you come home:

This may sound weird, but it is actually effective in reducing the chances of the virus getting into your homes. The virus and even other organisms have been known to survive on clothes and surfaces for long periods, and since they are not visible to the naked eye, the best way to know these organisms did not make it into your home is by leaving them outside. The jackets and clothes should remain outside till you clean them and free them from any potentially harmful organisms.

Leave your shoes at the front door:

The grounds we step on are probably the dirtiest places. So, if they are dirty, the coronavirus can easily exist there. The shoes we wear are supposed to protect us from dirt, germs, and viruses that stay on the floor. However, in the process of protecting us, these shoes pick up the germs and possibly the virus.

Taking these shoes into your home means you have invariably invited the virus into your home too. So, once you have gone out and visited different places, simply leave your shoes and footwear at the front door. If you must cover your feet, have some indoor footwear that should not be used outside.

Take high alkaline pH water:

The best way to fight the virus is to be healthy and stay healthy. One way to do so is by eating healthy. Well, another way to do that is by taking high alkaline pH water. This type of water is rich in minerals and antioxidants. My personal favorite is the Kangen water.

This water can serve different purposes, from drinking to disinfecting. Using this water not only has great health benefits, but there are also financial benefits as it is a great source of passive income. To know more about Kangen water, you would need a sponsor, and this is where I come in. I can help guide you through all the processes and guidelines.

The coronavirus, like other diseases, is no respecter of persons, so the best thing one can do is try to protect one’s self from it. Using these simple tips, as well as the general ones, would give you a better chance to defeat this virus. The earlier we can defeat, the sooner we all go back to our normal lives. If this blog taught you something new, please like and share it. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and drop your thoughts.

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